General Information


Private security company Yastreb has offered its customers comprehensive security services since 1994. During this time we have gained extraordinary experience and improved our ability to provide impeccable service to its customers, while paying due attention to protection of private buildings and public property. All our efforts are aimed at building a successful company in which employees receive rewards for their efforts and customers a high level of services provided.

With a streamlined management system, personnel with high qualifications and extensive network of regional offices, which covers all regions and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, we can provide services for comprehensive security throughout Ukraine.

Operate control departments of regional offices, as well as the security service headquarters have been set up to improve the quality of the service.  Control authorities conduct scheduled and unscheduled inspections, organize operational activities, check the security level of sites and rotate personnel. Close interaction of departments of security helps to prevent crime and ensure the functions and tasks that are assigned to the Guard.

The company has at its disposal more than fifty vehicles. The existing fleet fully ensures the delivery of personnel to the sites, the activities of mobile teams and security services, the implementation of operational control.